Hackaday Update and Voting

Thank you to everyone who has skulled and/or followed Goliath on Hackday!  So far, the project has 43 skulls, placing it 8th out of 132 submissions, in number of skulls.

Hackaday has also started community voting for members! (If you were able to give me a skull, you are considered a member.)  The results of these voting rounds may also affect finalist determinations. Go to http://hackaday.io/prize/vote to participate.  Each time you pull up this page, two random projects will be paired up for you to vote between.  Every week they are going to have different judging criteria.  This week, they’re asking you to vote for the project you think has the “Best Project Concept”.  Each member gets 30 votes for the week.

Click the above voting link and two random projects appear. Out of the two presented to you,vote for the project you think fits that week’s criteria the best. After you vote, a second random pair of projects will appear. You can sit there and continue to vote between the pairs up to 30 times, if you wish (hopefully at some point, one of the paired projects will be Goliath). If you do wish to vote more but don’t have time in one sitting, you can visit the same voting link at any point and more random pairs will be generated for your vote.

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