Titan Multicopter Progressing, Vehicle Size Comparison

Design work on our Titan Multicopter has progressed sufficiently to determine the rotor layout and the overall vehicle size. Shown below is an outline of the vehicle compared to Goliath, a DJI Mavic Air and a banana.

Electric Variable Pitch Propeller

The latest project underway at McCloud Aero Corp is an Electric Variable Pitch Rotor (EVPR). This concept uses electric servos inside the the rotor hub to drive the rotor blades. Power and data are provided wirelessly, making the design self-contained. The concept is in the early stages of development, but you can follow the progress on Hackday.io. The EVPR has been entered for the 2017 Hackaday Prize, so you can support the project by going to Hackday.io and giving it a Like.

Goliath Mk. II Hovers!

Over Labor Day weekend the assembly of the Mk. II vehicle was completed. The new vehicle was weighed and the current weight is 170 lbs, 50 lbs lighter than the previous vehicle. The first couple of tests were conducted and Goliath has hovered for the first time!

Vehicle Damaged and Second Article on Hackaday.com

Last week, while gearing up to do the first hover test with Goliath, the vehicle was damaged.  Hackaday.com wrote an article about the test here.  Two new props are in the process of being made and I’m researching how to fix the belt issues that was the cause of the damage.  Below is a video of the test where the damage occurs.