Titan Oil Tank Progress

After a few design revisions, the oil tank for Titan is complete and ready to integrate into the airframe! The 6 quart tank was made completely in-house with exception to the filler neck and cap.

January 2020 Progress

One of our first milestones for 2020 will be testing the engine for Titan in a horizontal orientation. This will ensure that the oil system and structure is acceptable before adding of the drive system. The test stand is now assembled and undergoing fit checks.

September 2019 Progress, Upcoming Events


The overall design is firming up and some conceptual drawings were completed to show the overall design. On the hardware side, manufacturing of the frame connectors was completed. These parts will couple the upper and lower frames together.


The mechanical design of the Mk. II version is nearly complete and the manufacturing of the first prototype is about to start.

Portland Maker Faire, September 7-8

McCloud Aero Corp. will be displaying our Titan and Goliath vehicles at the Portland Mini-Maker Faire Saturday Sept 7 and Sunday Sept 8. Stop by our booth and check out our progress.

PNW Aerospace Expo, September 28

The 2019 PNW Aerospace Expo will be at Portland State University on Sept. 28. McCloud Aero Corp. will be present with both vehicles on display. Additionally I’ll be giving a talk on re-entry physics of Apollo.

August 2019 Progress, Portland Maker Faire

Over the last few months, Titan has begun to take shape. The engine mount and modified intake are complete and assembled. A portion of the upper frame has also been assembled. Design work has started on the frame connectors that will hold the two halves of the frame together and the hardware needed to integrate the pilot.

In other news, McCloud Aero Corp. will be back at the Portland Maker Faire, September 7-8 and bringing both prototype vehicles! This will be the first time that Titan will be on public display, so be sure to come and check it out!

Engine For Titan Has Arrived!

The engine for Titan has arrived! It’s a 5 cylinder radial with 60 Hp. Next step will be building the airframe. Can’t wait to hear how cool this thing sounds.

Titan Multicopter Progressing, Vehicle Size Comparison

Design work on our Titan Multicopter has progressed sufficiently to determine the rotor layout and the overall vehicle size. Shown below is an outline of the vehicle compared to Goliath, a DJI Mavic Air and a banana.